Q: Is it necessary for us to leave the home during treatment?


A: It is only necessary if you have an infant less than six weeks old, respiratory problems, fear of excessive sensibility to odors or allergies, or, of course, if you feel more comfortable leaving. Under normal circumstances it is not necessary.

Q: Will the treatment harm my pets or plants?

A: Our products are formulated for the chemistry and body weight of insects. And, these products are mixed and applied by our trained pest professionals who apply only in key areas for the targeted pest. Our pest professionals are not only trained to be knowledgeable regarding the pests, but also in the safety of pest control.

Q: How long does the service take, and do I need to be there?

A: This depends on the size of the structure we’re treating, the depth of treatment required, and also the pest or pests we are targeting. Most general pest control treatments will take from one to one and a half hours. There are many methods of arrangement that we can make for entry for service – just ask our office manager or your technician.

Q: How often should we have a repeat service?

A: Repeat service depends on pest tolerance of individuals, environment, and pest thresholds in your area. Under normal circumstances, Quarterly Service (every 3 months) is sufficient for residential and most commercial customers.